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New website - The Fit Spot

Just finishing up a new site for a client. Any feedback is welcome, thanks!


nice and clean. nice power colors. great job! =D

Looks great! Nice clean and simple design. The only suggestion I would have is to vertically center the text in the box “ABOUT CHELSEY”, otherwise great job!

Very good job @Nicknameddesign! :smile:

I love it. add some interactions!

Very nice! Are you using a Content Management System for the client? If so, which CMS, may I ask you?

I have to say, I love the logo. Very clever :smile:

The boxes you have for the Services area look great, but the Bootcamp one might need a little cleaning up of the copy so that it’s not extending beyond the four boxes to the left.

Beside your contact form you have a few places where you mention that the first session is free. I would suggest a good way to reinforce that within your contact form just in case someone doesn’t read the copy around the form is instead of the ‘submit’ microcopy in the button, it could say ‘Sign up for Free Session’. That much microcopy might require a two-lined button, but at least the action would be crystal clear as to what the user is really doing.

Great work so far! Very clean, very minimalistic and very easy to digest.

@angela Angela I’m not currently using any CMS at this time for the site.

@caryn Thanks for the great feedback. I am still working on finalizing the services information with the client and am pushing for shorter copy. I was also struggling with the free messaging. I know people tend to not read copy, so reinforcing it in the button is a great idea. Thanks again!

@Nicknameddesign, personally, I could use some of those services on that site :smiley: (note: Muscles in Warcraft do not translate to real muscles in real life :wink:

Keep up the good work :smile:

Thanks for responding, Nick! I also like your own website, especially the nick knacks section.

Thanks @cyberdave
I could probably use her services as well…but I’ll just stick to designing sites!

Thanks to you as well @angela My personal site was also built in webflow.

Nice clean site. Great logo. I would echo centering the Name and Section titles in the blocks. As well adjust the anchor to the Services section. Slide it to the Services block is at the top of screen.
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