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Folder slug renaming itself

I’m having an issue with one of my sites where a folder that has the same name and slug as one of the top level pages will change its slug seemingly by random. It has happened twice over the course of a week and I would really like to figure out what might be causing this before launching the website.

As an example if I have a top level page named “services” and a folder with a slug “services” it will work as expected with a URL for the top level like “/services” and a bottom level page having a URL like “/services/page1”. When the slug’s name changes on its own it will instead read “/services-2/page” which causes unnecessary 404 page visits when refreshing an old session on a bottom level page.

bonds collection

If you try to create “bonds” page you get this error:



Beacuse both page with the same url Slug:

By the way this is big SEO problem (On webflow no way to create pagelist index page for collections).

Anyway you must change the CMS slug -or- the single page slug to solve this issue.


About 404 page - if you change the slug of you CMS -or- single-page from:
bonds to my-bonds you need to create 301 redirect (Otherwise you get 404):

Thanks for the reply, I thought this was a normal way of structuring URLs for static pages but if it’s a big SEO problem I guess I don’t have to worry about fixing this issue and just change the folder slug. I don’t think I will need the 301 redirects though since the website is not live yet.

No need for 301 in your case.

About SEO - what i am saying - on webflow no way to create this tree structure:

pagelist (“all posts”)

And specific post:

Because you get error “this value already exists”.

Related - no way to get this rich-snippet accordion for blog posts on webflow (Very cool idea) - beacuse the parent is “my-blog” and child pages under “/blog

But you are referring to CMS items, I’m just talking about static pages, where the URL structure can be set in place but seems to add a number to the tail randomly.

For folders & single-pages everything works fine (So maybe add more details or live URL).

single page:

Folder and page inside:

add example

This is the project. If you excuse the Finnish and look for the folder “IT-osaajille” its slug has changed on its own to add the “2” at the end of the slug. I’ve saved it like this to demonstrate exactly how it was before I last fixed it today, but the problem is I don’t know whats causing it in the first place so it’s really hard to reproduce the issue unless you can find something in the folder’s or top level page’s settings.

@joinid I’m having this same issue, did you find the solution?

Since apr19 - This problem solved.
Create Collection URL = blog (/blog/article) and single page url = blog (pagelist) ==> works fine.

@tombo i think its better if you give more details about “the issue”.

Thanks @Siton_Systems. For me, I solved it by deleting a redirect that had appeared under my hosting tab. Not exactly sure how it got there but It’s all set now, cheers!