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New ipad pro 2021


I’ve just bought the new ipad pro 2021 and I’d like to know please, if it would be possible to use webflow with it ?
And if yes, Is there any limitations ?


hi @skott I have a few iPads but I have never tried if WF is fully functional on mobile devices as browsers for mobile devices doesn’t offer power of browser for desktops. This may change in near feature as iPad Pro with M1 (2021) is moving forward to fully support desktop apps this mean that it may support functionality of Safari for desktop. In theory it should work and you can try it but IMHO it is not practical for comfortable work anyway.

Thanks for this great response. That helps. At soon.
Also could you tell me how to close a discussion I’ve opened in the forum please ?

hi @skott closing topic can be done by checking any response as solution.