Has anyone tried the new cursor support in iPad OS 13.4 with the Webflow builder?

The new mouse support in iPad OS 13.4, and the coming iPad Pros with trackpad keyboard case, look really promising for clicking, drag and drop, and scrolling panels like we see in the Webflow editor.

Has anyone with the developer GM version tried using Webflow yet? Would love to see some results!

For some context:

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I tried Webflow on iPad since the iPad pro v1. last version of iOS with mouse support was promising but it was still impossible to get any work done, drags are problematic, especially. And it’s not about iOS here, it’s really how Webflow is built. And I dont think it will be any different with the changes introduced in 13.4.

Webflow is complex, as wysiwyg-web-design complex, my guess is that it won’t be possible to really design on Webflow on iPad until Webflow decides it and work for it.

Quite cool if I’m wrong though :slight_smile:

Hey Vincent :smile::wave: Agreed, it’s impossible with the current version of iOS. But this new version is apparently hugely different; drag and drop works, scrolling individual panels works, and mouse support is now front and centre, no longer a hidden accessibility feature. It comes out for everyone next week though so we can wait and try it out then. Suspense! :laughing:

I did try it. You can get the beta for 13.4 already if you want it. It works really well actually! However, it crashes a lot now when it didn’t before. Both on safari and chrome.

The mouse feels like an actual mouse now, just with those apple tweaks to the look of it.

That’s awesome, thanks @AvantGraphics :smile: really exciting that I might be able to leave the Macbook at home! Let’s hope they fix that crashing for the actual release next week :crossed_fingers:

Have you continued to develop on the ipad/track pad keyboard? How is it going?

Hey! I know this is super late but yes, I have actually started to develop a bit when I am away from the desktop. I don’t actually own a laptop. It is still more comfortable to use a full computer just because of the scrolling interface on the left and right.

Other than that, I can pretty much get everything done still. I haven’t experience any crashing recently. I am actually running the ipad os 15 beta now to try that out.

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Same here. When I’m away from my iMac, the 12.9” iPad Pro gets surprisingly out of the way in the Webflow Designer. The screen size is even acceptable since you can scale the canvas. I do notice that I can’t scroll the Webflow interface, though, just the page itself in the middle. The workaround is to manually close individual boxes on the right side (Layout, Spacing, Size, Position, etc.), and same with the Add Elements sidebar on the left (though you can also use Cmd/Ctrl + E to add elements with the keyboard).

Overall, it works decently well, though it’d sure be nice if Webflow would fix the interface scrolling issues.

Yeah same here. I actually used it on a 6 hour trip the other day. Wasn’t bad at all. I used figurative, too. The figma app for the ipad, and that worked really well. I enjoyed designing on the go.