New free "Localization" feature for the first 4 languages

The new integration for multilingual sites “Localization” is really too expensive.

You can’t pay 9 dollars per language it’s absurd! Other platforms have multilingual already integrated at no extra cost. I can understand that this functionality as it was designed is much more than simple multilingual, but in my opinion it should be free for at least 4 languages and then possibly pay for additional languages. I find myself forced not to use this feature for my clients, I will duplicate the pages manually :frowning: How sad


If your client needs multiple languages and the cost/benefit of using Webflow doesn’t line up then it’s probably best to use one of these other platforms.

While Webflow is great at a lot of things, they aren’t a “one size fits all” solution and sometimes it’s best for the client to utilize the platform that fits their needs. Webflow is always my first choice, but ultimately I develop my projects within the environment that is best for my clients.

Yes, I absolutely agree with you. Webflow calls it a “feature”, but it’s a really expensive feature, sorry. But of course, the investor wants to see money. And then it will always be the same in the end. The prices keep going up. A translator function should actually be a standard feature of a web builder / CMS. Which translation service is used for translations anyway? DeepL?