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Many multilingual websites

So the problem is I got 4 websites and I need all of them to be in 8 different languages. Some websites got at least 15 pages, so I cannot copy every page to every language in a one project because it would be 120 pages and max amount of pages is 100 in one project. Therefore I copied every project, named them like “website-eng”, “website-chi”, “website-hin” etc. and I got 32 projects, kinda too much but it’s cool since everyring (including SEO!!!) works great, nonetheless here I got the main problem. How do I host all of them on Webflow? To host one website I gotta pay $20/month, so for 32 it’s gonna be $7680/year. That’s too expensive. Is there any solution?

I realize I can host them anywhere else, but the original plan was to do it on Webflow and I want to know that there’s no other option to host it here for lesser price. Thanks in advance!

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This is maybe the most serious issue you’re facing here. While it is possible to handcraft, maintain and assume the cost of a multilingual website with Webflow, it’s only true if the site has a limited number of languages supported. I’d say one to four. More than this, and especially 15, the decision to still make the site with Webflow without using a third party multi language solution, is possibly not a good decision.

Webflow will definitely come with a localization solution. But it’s a huge task, it impacts the whole tool and service. Content, yes, but URLs, SEO, backend, units, you name it and it has to do with localization. So it’s going to take some more long months before we see anything coming. (my guess: not 2020).

Possible 3rd party solution to have just one Webflow site: You’ll find posts about it on this forum and you can talk to people directly as they know Webflow and probably have useful advices for your project.

If you can meet the requirements of a third party solution, then maybe Webflow isn’t yet the appropriate platform for your project.

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I see
Thank you a lot! :smile:

Dude I’ve been there, I maintained a 4 languages site on Webflow 4 years ago, all manually, and I recommend that to no one. It was working but I could barely accept any new requirements from my clients: couldn’t control the URLs, dev and updates were longer, frustration was growing, and ultimaltely I lost this client of 10 years because I dragged them there and it was too soon for Webflow.