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Scheduled Content in CMS

Would love the ability to create scheduled content. So that we can schedule a time-frame for when content displays/doesn’t display. This is really handy when prepping for an announcement or if we have time sensitive content on a site.

It would also be really cool to be able to do scheduled content data-fields.
Such as for an event page, once an event has passed to be able to grey it out with a div or something over it to represent that the event has passed. Or even change the color of the text/border of an element based upon a time and data reference.

Thoughts @callmevlad @brryant @thesergie @bart @Mat ? :slight_smile:


Been thinking about this for a lol while too @Waldo, I think it’s a future must really, especially if clients are using for events and as a blogging platform full time.

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We have a surprise for you. Wait a day or two…


I just got so excited! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Same Here! :slight_smile: :smile:

Yes. This is an all around great feature to have available! You guys are adding so many new features so quickly it’s hard to keep up! :grinning: But I like the challenge :grin: so keep them coming!


Here it is:

This still doesn’t quite fix the wish for scheduled content @thesergie — for example, I’d love to just set a date/time to publish my blog content, and know that it will automatically publish my collection at such a time.

I realize that has other implications for people who have other web content drafted and don’t necessarily want to publish all their pages … but some sort of scheduler for the CMS, without having to set conditional visibility, would be ideal if you want to please a more content-focused audience of website creators.

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@Elizabeth_Crouch I totally see the need for it. We’d only be able to implement a scheduler that would publish the entire site (all the page content changes and CMS changes). Not individual collection items.

I’m not sure why this feature isn’t really met for you. If you can automate when the information appears on the site using filters, then as you finish your blog entry for next week or whatever, you just publish it then. It will not immediately appear on the site if you set the date in the CMS of when you want it to appear. Then, it will appear at that time. Isn’t this exactly what you are trying to accomplish and this can be done with the current system?

Hi @akeen, I think I can understand @Elizabeth_Crouch comments about the scheduling of the content. I am actually kicking around some ideas right now for a simple custom javascript solution.

In my view it would be nice to schedule whether a published item is visible or invisible based on a certain date that is scheduled in advance… like, do not show this content until april 1, 2016, until then, the content will stay hidden.

I think it might be possible to use some custom code, to set a style from display block to display none. I will check it out :slight_smile:

@Elizabeth_Crouch, I will notify as soon as I have an update :slight_smile:


Thanks; you totally get it! Custom code would be super-helpful.

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I do think that you can do this with Filters. Just put in a ShowStartDate field into the CMS and then filter based upon the input date (only showing things that come before today).