New but lost with the courses and certification


I am new to Webflow and still learning with Webflow University. I am very lost about which courses I should take more to have certifications and getting expert. I already did the “Webflow 101”, “CMS & Dynamic Content” and “Webflow Ecommerce”.

When I passed the CMS certification, there were some questions I couldn’t answer cause even the CMS course seems not learning all of the things to pass it.

And now, I even found a courses called " Webflow Experts Course" but not accessible through the menues of the Webflow University website. → Webflow Experts Course - Webflow University Courses.

Should do this one? Why is it not public?

Help! Thank you.

It looks pretty relevant to your goal.
Clearly it is public.

It you mean it’s not listed in the university course catalogue- that would likely be because its purpose is to prepare you for certification, not to answer specific platform questions.


Thank you so much for your answer. Ohhh ok makes sense.

I was worried I am gonna take too much time on something that will not cover the basics of Webflow.