Where can I find the right course?

I am working on obtaining my Webflow certificate.
To continue, I would like to follow the Layout course 1 and 2. But where do I find it? I can find where I can take the exam, but the links to these courses are nowhere.
Already passed the Webflows 101, but the others, I can’t find them? Do any of you know the links, or the name of the course in question? The names of the courses specified do not exist or I cannot find them. If you can help, please.

I’ve never heard of this but when searching this was the top hit page. This it?

Thanks, but that is not what I mean.
On this page, they talk about a course with the name ‘Layout Level 1’. But there are no links to this course. And when I look at the courses page, there are no course with this name.
So, if you know the name of the course they mean, please chair.