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New 2018 Portfolio

Hi all, here’s my new portfolio for 2018. Still some tweaks to make and bits to finish! Hope you like it! Regards Kai :webflow_heart:


Hey Keejo,

I absolutely love your design style. It’s very creative and thoughtful. The packages have so much depth with clean lines, built on clear organized layering. Great job. You should be extremely proud of this work. Fabulous!

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wow! thanks @garymichael1313 - you’ve made my day with such nice feedback! I really appreciate it… can I return the compliment by expressing my respect for the commitment and incredible support you give to the community! Thank you! :webflow_heart: :grin:

Not a problem, you’re very welcome. That project must have taken months and months. I saw there were no responses and said - dang this is nice somebody needs to say something!

And to be honest, that’s whats wrong with Hollywood! There never was a Harvey Weinstein problem! There’s a problem with the MEN, fellow male producers who sat idle and watched that fool do what he was doing! That’s the truth. Men should speak up and criticize OR encourage. He would have never got that far if 5 males rolled up on him at a meeting - and said dude - you’re gonna stop today or we’re gonna handle you now. That’s what should’ve happened.

I think you deserved encouragement and recognition for this published work :star_struck:

Word! See ya.:metal:

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hi @garymichael1313 - well, the time and effort you give to helping others is admirable… :slight_smile:

I actually started this project a couple of weeks ago! I already had all the images prepared from my previous portfolio…

As for MEN, yes, I agree! Things are changing though… slowly!

I would also like to give a shout out to Webflow Expert, @Blaise_Posmyouck for the technical advice. Thanks Blaise - your expertise is invaluable and you inspire me to create better transitions!! :smile:


Thanks a bunch. Take care and have fun. See ya.

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Thanks for the mention @Keejo , only helped you with 1 or 2 small details!
Congratz again for your portfolio :slight_smile:

My best


Nice work + Great color palette

UI - maybe try to add some clue - that portfolio items “open in new window” _blank (Tooltip or some hover or link-icon or any idea like this) .

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Hey, thanks @Siton_Systems - good thinking… thanks for the tip! :slight_smile:

You are now the bar I wish to reach.

The amount of precision is astonishing

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How did I miss this!

Awesome visual goodness!

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