Netsuite + Webflow

I am in talks with a potential client who consults businesses on how to use Netsuite and even creates Netsuite sites for them.

At the same time, they are inquiring if I can build out a brand identity for a new AI tool and a branded website. I am only trained on webflow, no other site builders.

How do I convince them of the advantages of a Webflow site when they are already skilled in Netsuite? Can Webflow integrate with Netsuite to provide all the same features for them. Should I convince them or are they better off with Netsuite Site Builder? It’s also possible they wouldn’t want to create a Netsuite site for their new product if it’s not an ecommerce product.

What advantages does Webflow have over Netsuite Site Builder that are worth them overcoming the webflow learning curve to edit the site after I have built it for them?