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HELP Webflow vs Wix, Wix win, webflow does not have same options

I really really would like to give webflow an opportunity, but everytime I have a new project and tri to consider webflow as a possible option, it lacks of functionalities, the project i am trying to build now:

My Business Intelligence website which has these current revenue streamlines on wix:

  • Events (i sell tickets for online live classes and wix bookings automatically creates a Zoom link)

  • Appointments (i sell tickets for 1:1 live coaching sessions and every time someone books an appointment, Wix bookings automatically creates a Zoom link)

  • Self paced e-learning courses (i use thinkific for that at the moment, but wix has also that hability with the Wix challenges app)

  • eCommerce (well, this is actually available on Webflow with 2% commission per sale, I am just wondering what’s the benefit in changing to Webflow is there are ZERO functionalities BUILT IT, you have to PAY FOR EXTRA APPS in order to make Webflow suit your needs.

Do you know if there is a way to build a website like that here?

So webflow is an amazingly powerful tool and it bridges the gap from something like Wix and Programing it yourself. Wix gives you the power of HTML and CSS with a really nice frontend to work with. Your websites will run extremely fast on webflow because it’s not being bogged down by loads of scripts that Wix relies on. However, it sounds like webflow might not be what you’re looking for if you want the simple fast implementation of those things you’re looking for. Webflow requires a bit more work and knowhow to get the professional results that webflow can achieve.