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Nested Collections Lists Limit: Increasing the limit from one 👈🏼

Hey, it’s been nearly a year since nested collection lists were introduced which was a great step forward. Are there any plans to increase the nest limit to more than one nested collection anytime soon?

I ask as the current limit heavily restricts the functionality on listing type pages. For example, a jobs board that uses collections for Locations, Job Types, Salary Ranges, Tags, Categories, etc.

I can see there’s been a few wishlist items that have touched on this (linked below), but it would be useful to know if this is something that is likely to happen, as it strongly affects what types of projects the Webflow CMS is suitable for.

It was suggested in the original press release that this was a soft limit for the initial launch to gauge performance. Any official updates would be much appreciated.

Wishlist references:


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Agreed. Great initial release, but an increase to the limit is sorely needed. F’in sweet has an interesting way of overcoming this limitation which might prove helpful until the native feature is updated (uses a plain text field which mirrors the cms collection list).

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Thanks for the resource.

I actually thought of this solution too, but thought it was too cumbersome and not a great long-term fix, plus lots of scope for user error. In addition, clients having to rekey information twice when they’re paying for a professional solution isn’t great either.

Hopefully Webflow will just up the limit if the performance is stable.

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Hi @alexdixon - I found a solution to break Webflow‘s limitations of max 1 nested collection with max 5 items per page without adding additional plain text fields. Here is the link to a clonable with multiple nested collections with 5+ items in a single static page (incl. short documentation.

Let me know, if this helps. Feedback and ideas welcome!

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Thanks for sharing, I will take a look next time I encounter this issue on a project :+1:

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