Work around on 5 items on nested collection

For some reason there is a 5 item limit on the items in a nested collection! Why is this and how do you get around it?

Here is my public share link:

Hi again @Mark_Mark!

The 5 item limit is set by Webflow to maintain performance. They’ll increase it in the future.

Hello @Mark_Mark do you have any news on this topic? It’s really limiting me for the moment too.

No we coded this manually. I havent seen software that has limits on things like this for many years. The old days we werent able to dynamically set how many objects were needed. But these days its easy. If they dont want to do this on the fly they should make a site setting for the number needed. But thats even weird. Sorry no good news here

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What’s even the point of this feature if they limit it to 5 items? This is crazy!


I seriously hope @Webflow increase this highly restrictive limit of 5 items in a nested collection ASAP. I agree with others that 5 is an impossibly small number to make it useful.


Well, its been a while… Any updates on this Webflow Staff?

Better solution:


Hey @Jeandcc I’m looking for a solution to this issue, does your workaround enable more than 5 nested collection items? If so I’d appreciate a screenshot of your class structure [in the designer] - I’m fairly certain I can reverse engineer from there : )

Hi all,

I’m facing this issue on a client’s website. I’m displaying a products list by category. Everything works amazingly well but every category containing more than 5 items just won’t show more than 5 items… this limitation really is surprising.

Any news on this Webflow team?


Thank you for your code! Could you share a read-only link so I can have a look at how it is used on the site?

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Better solution:


Better solution:

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Thank you very much! That is so helpful.

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Can you please explain how this works/is implemented. Thanks!

Here is a solution if you are struggling with Webflow‘s limitations (max 1 nested collection with max 5 items per page): [Multiple Nested Collections with unlimited Items in a single static page (clonable project)]

(Multiple Nested Collections with unlimited Items in a single static page (clonable project))

Feedback and ideas welcome :wink:

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Great work on that @PhilippX , I’m removing my solution at the top since yours is considerably better a better approach for general use cases!

Great job!

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Hi PhilippX,
many thanks for sharing your work, is there a way to get this to work on a collection page and not on a normal page?
here is my read-only link:

many thanks

@DEREIN1 - yes. you can implement the jquery snipped on a collection page or on a single/static page. The way to implement the snipped is exactly the same.

I don’t know what I did wrong but this solution didn’t work for me :frowning: I followed every single step. Also, what happens if I have multiple collection items not just one div with one type of info?