Nested and filtered cams data

Hi! I’m working on clothing brand website and I’m trying to do the next thing that apparently do not featured in webflow:

I have 4 categories…

  • All collection (display all available products)
  • Men (display all men products from all collection)
  • Women (display all women products from all collection)
  • Children (display child products from all collection).

With that, there are sub categories which are filtered by gender

  • Hoodies (filtered from by gender collection)
  • t-shirts (filtered from by gender collection)

By now the only solution that I have is to create a collection for each sub category and name like Hoodies - Men, Hoodies - Women, and so go up to the parent category. The problem is that I want to display the text via drop down and I don’t want to show the gender before any sub category.

Please help me if you know any way of creating 3 level nested collections and I could reach the text of each sub category when I open a gender dropdown.
Thank you very much!