Conditional visibility on hover


I’m having a bit of an issue using webflow for an e-commerce website with a very comprehensive category list in the shop. In order to show the full list on the drop-down menu I have to bring in multiple collection lists onto the page and have reached the maximum limit of 20 lists. This means I need another solution in order the display the entire category listing.

I have 4 CMS Collections, Level 1 of the menu, Level 2 of the menu, L3 and L4. Each level corresponds to a specific item in the previous level.

As an alternative, is it possible for me to pull in the 4 collection lists on the page and do the following?

If level 1 has Fashion, Gifting, and Homeware, they will all be visible in the first collection list. The second, L2 collection list will have all elements loaded (Men, Women, Barware, Dinnerware, Vases etc) but the items will only appear when their corresponding L1 category is hovered upon.

For eg. hovering on Fashion, will show only Men & Women from the L2 collection list, which I have already connected through multi-reference fields in the CMS panel.

Is this possible? It means that individual items in the first collection list need to have an interaction set to show conditional visibility pointing at the second list.

If this is not possible can somebody suggest an alternative?