Need to rotate portrait photos in lightbox

Hi. I’m working with the lightbox now, and have a few photos I would like to include, that were taken portrait as opposed to landscape. Although they are rotated correctly when I view them in my Preview app, as well as Photoshop, they are rotated in the lightbox mode. How do I fix this?


Hi @Aliceb, thanks for your post. Do you have a read only link to your site to share, and I am happy to go take a look at this for you.

More info on read-only links here:

Cheers, Dave

Sure. Here you go:

I’m referring to one of my pictures on the “Travel Photography” page, that says “Ux Bien Fidel”. When you click on it, it is not rotated correctly

That is a bizarre issue. I think it is a metadata property for the image for something like a non-destructive display rotate used in apps like picture viewer, RAW or Adobe Bridge. I have encountered something similar before but don’t remember the explanation - just the simple cure.

Out of curiosity I downloaded the image. Uploading it into a standard image container produces the same result. Loading the image directly into the browser shows the image upright (guessing the browser knows how to interpret the property). So, I opened the image locally in preview (mac) and simply resaved. The resaved copy is upright every time and should cure the issue for lightbox as well.


@cyberdave, I think it is EXIF orientation where the camera passes info on how the image was originally shot.

Worst case scenario you can just go into photoshop select all and copy it into a new document, then export for web. It will be stripping it of all data. Also, simply exporting it for web should strip any original data as well and also optimize it size wise for the web.


Thanks @vlogic for that. This is good info, Nice there is a workaround for the moment. Cheers, Dave

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