Picture from Webflow CMS automatically rotate to landscape after loading the page


I have quite a weird problem. if you check my live website the CMS picture which is posted in portrait automatically shows in landscape, but if you open the product and click on lightbox of the closet then it goes back to portrait even on the products page after going backwards.

I tried my best to describe the issue. Hopefully, you understand what I mean.

Here is link to live website: Dušan Hrdina Antik

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Dušan Hrdina Antik

Hello, I had the exact same problem a few days ago. My picture automatically showed in landscape orientation. I edited it in Photoshop, saved it as a JPG with a different title, and it returned to its original vertical size. However, I don’t know why it rotated in the beginning.

Even your original picture before this process was in the portrait orientation?

That’s just so weird.

Thank you for your answer, I will try it.

Yes, the photo was originally in portrait mode and it automatically switched to landscape as if Webflow automatically adjusted the image to the size of the lightbox (which was wider than it was tall), yet I couldn’t find an auto-rotate option. I thought there might be an issue with my original image, so I re-uploaded it after saving it as a jpg under a different name, and this time the image was correctly in portrait mode (no idea why). I hope it works for you too.