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Picture orientation in lightbox

So I have a masonry type design and in the editor, the image with the girl in the black leather jack on the stairs is vertical (as shot on my DSLR). When I visit my published site, it is horizontal in the preview but when you click on it for the lightbox gallery, it is the correct orientation. It’s not a huge deal but it’s driving me crazy! Any help would be awesome! (ps all photos were taken on a DSLR and I’ve read some previous forums with similar issues that involved iPhones)

Read-only link:

Published site link:

Hi Fareeda,

I took a quick look at your share link and if you look in the media tab (looks like a little picture, between the shopping cart and the cogwheel on the upper left side), it looks like the image might have originally been uploaded sideways. If you correct that, I think it might display okay.

Let me know if that works and if not, I’ll take another look.

Have a great one!