Need to Push Webflow Forms to Google Spreadsheet

I’d like to be able to use the styling from Webflow, but push the submissions to a Google spreadsheet – not using Zapier. I’m guessing someone has figured this out already or had it done already. Ideally, this would be accomplished without dipping into the Webflow form submission quota.

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Have you tried embedding a Google Form?
This should allow you to get the functionality you need, but might not be great design wise…

Hi @faked

Have you tried using TypeForms?

I use them with Zapier to add new subscribers to MailChimp or to transform a Contact Form into a email sent to my clients.
Worth giving a try :slight_smile:

Style the form first, then embed google form and then add the styling. Little tricky but if you want to use google form its worth it.

I made this a while back for test purpose

Yes, that’s the problem with embedded google forms… the design is difficult to match.

Great to know! We’ll give this a try. Do you think there’s a way to not display the “This form was created using Google Forms.” at the end?

Hmm i don’t know. It was some time ago I did this. I can take a look what I did and see what I come with.

would Zapier not be the solution?

FWIW, a Webflow Expert helped me out here and did a great job. If this comes up on a search in the future, ask me and I’ll refer you!