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Pull the web form submission data into google sheet

hey all,

I am trying to find an easy solution that every time a web form is submitted, I get a new line in the google sheet. Do you guys probably know any web hook or any automation could make that happen?

Thank you for any tips!


Zapier and Integromat can do what you want. Take a look.

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@Dan_Liu that’s fairly straightforward.

Have your native Webflow form submitted to Zapier or Integromat. From there, you can use their Google Sheets integration to take the info your user submitted (via the form) and create a new row in Google Sheets.

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@Dan_Liu for what it’s worth, I thought this would be fun build to walk through on my blog, so I made a tutorial going through this set up, step-by-step, hope it helps!

@Dan_Liu you can use Sheet Monkey to do exactly that.

Here’s the steps on how to do it: Submitting Webflow forms to Google Sheets - Guides

Video of how to do it: