Need to hire developer-Custom Searchbar, responsive, talks to idxco(msl) system

We have outsourced this particular project and had horrible results on upwork.

Client needs this immediately as it is delaying launch.


Customer wants to have a search bar exactly like the search bar at the top of:
-Fully responsive. Needs to look great and not take up much space in tablet mode. In mobile mode we will have it hidden, in a div and activated to show when a button is clicked, same concept great looking on mobile.

Here is the site we will be implementing the search bar on .

In order to make the first big text field, searchable for multiple criteria the developer will need to know how to work with php and apis’.

Here is the github link that can be used to grab some of the code from:

Just a heads up we are using dynamic pages and wrapping them in idxco.

If you can handle this job and finish within a couple of days please reply back or email me at I will supply more details. Thanks!!!