Need to Hire a Freelancer for E commerce Custom Search

I am looking for a freelancer with to take on the following:

Ciro3d. com was recently redesigned/developed in Webflow. We need to revamp the Custom Search/ Custom Search Results Page. Currently, the custom search is a Custom Google Search Integration…
I want it to function as a normal modern Ecommerce search, not just links and text.
Attached is an image of the competitors search. I hate the design, but you can see what we are kinda trying to beat design wise. Minus some of the functionality

I want something simple and modern that allows the user to easily find something via search and shop around.

Looking forward to your responses. works great. Check it out.

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Seems SearchIQ does not crawl dynamic pages. Did you try it yourself, @pixelcactus?

Hey @Scott_Van_Zandt Maybe you should look into Isotope

I used it to live search through comments on my recent CMS API + Zapier Comments project. The search scenarios are endless.

Let me know if it is something you would be interested in.

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Yes, it does search dynamic CMS items. I installed it on this website.

searchIQ will index any pages that we can crawl. So, if it is dynamic page, you can list them in your sitemap with each url containing the parameters and submit the sitemap to us so we can go those url to visit your dynamic page and index them accordingly

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@pixelcactus, did you have to use a custom sitemap in order to index dynamic content with SearchIQ ?

Do you have to add a new location on this sitemap each time you add a new CMS item ?

If no, how do you achieve this ?

Thank you for your help.



Hi @Blaise_Posmyouck,

Did you get some clarification on your sitemap question for dynamic items?

@rayhon @pixelcactus


Hi everyone,
Thanks for the help.
This is what I ended up doing.
With Algolia this seems to work pretty well.
The images are still loading pretty slow but the search is great.