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How to search an external database

Hi there,

Our client would like a search feature, similar to the idea shown below, that references an external listing.

On the client’s current site, using the View Listing link (below the person’s details), the user is taken to the person’s listing of properties on an external site.

Ideally, the client would like the search function to filter the external listings (using the search functions filter options) and present results as links to the listing’s page on the external site.

I know this is pretty complex, but does anybody know if this is doable, or have any idea on how to approach it in Webflow?


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You need a whole new custom code implementation, you’re not going to be able to do this with Webflow’s search functionality.

Hi everyone,

I know this thread is old, but I need the same thing for my website. I started to test webflow in these days. I need to create a sort of meta-search in which using a search bar and search engine I need to customize the query to call the external database.

Having in mind that the Webflow’s search functionality doesn’t allow a customization like this, if I chose a service which proposes Search Engine like Elastic Search, Site Search 360, etc, is it possible to integrate it in some way? (ex. JavaScript code snippet, API or plugin)

Many thanks in advance for your support.