Need template to access a sql database for non profit car club website

Hi - hopefully this gets posted in the correct area. I am after a webflow template that will allow access to a sql database that holds membership details such as name, email address and ideally financial status (are they paid up to date y/n)

We are a non profit car club that is looking for a website that will allow access to members only areas such as bulletin posts and club only events(in a calendar format). Ideally we will also have a ‘public’’ access to a public events in a calendar format.

Our current webpage was designed by a programmer over 10 years ago and whilst is is functional it isnt very pretty.

As we are a small non profit car club with about 70 financial members we do not have the resources to hire an expert to do this for us.

I realise that our design brief is pretty vague :slight_smile: so apologies there

Webflow has been suggested as a way we might be able to achieve our goal