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Can Webflow accomplish my client's goals?

Here’s the scoop…

I have a client that is tethered to Wordpress, but I’d like to move them to Webflow provided it hits all the current functionality points that their current site has. They are a very large non-profit and growing fast. I realize the following list will be 3rd party solutions.


  1. Paid Membership- This is pretty big. We don’t have time to build something from scratch using Firebase UI, though I have seen Flamebase UI that is a Firebase framework of sorts. No idea if this is stable or reliable enough to trust. Options welcome while I wait on Webflow to fill this gap with their own in-house product.
  • User account creation
  • Paid content access (walled off / drip content)
  • Different membership levels (we have committees, etc)
  • Accept payments

2)Events scheduling - A calendar for scheduling events, accepting RSVPs and payments, recurring events (we schedule multiple meetings each month). Bonus points if it can send eVites

3)A user forum: - We have professionals using Twitter and would like to find a way to bring the conversation to the website.

  1. Document sharing between users- We currently use Sharepoint for this but this is not ideal as it funnels users away from the site. A 3rd party option for this would be nice.

All suggestions or tips welcome. I know going forward that Wordpress will not be the future for this client. It takes too much to develop and even then the plugins are questionable at best.

Thank you for all the suggestions!

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Great you’re looking at moving your client over to Webflow! In regards to the event scheduling feature – maybe you could have a closer look at I’m using it to let clients schedule free consultation callls with me and was able to simply embed it in my site via a brief code snippet.

Is your client pretty open to changing platforms or do you think it might take some convincing?


Thanks for the reply. I actually use Acuity for another client of mine that I used webflow to design. I believe it is ore for a single user. In this case, I have multiple committees each needing to post their own meetings. In addition I have to be able to handle scheduling and posting events with RSVPS/

Thanks for the info thought. And thank you Nelson for editing the title of this thread : )

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I always thought Acuity supported several calendars/users/locations in their higher priced plans? Have a look at their plans here:

Either way, I hope you find what you’re looking for soon!

Hi @NewInBoston.
Foxy can help with a large portion of your needs. Feel free to message me if you’re interested, and we can setup a time to chat about your needs specifically.