Help with aligning images in CMS Rich text editor field

Hey all, i’m trying to create some content inside the presentation field of a collection. It gives you the options to important images and subesquently float them left or right with text next to it. The problem is, it won’t let me type text where I should be able to! It either starts above or below the images no matter what I try to do. Anything I can do or is this a broken feature of CMS?


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Hi @zellet

Is it possible to share your read only link as without it, it’s difficult/impossible to help. Further info on your issue would help to, perhaps a quick video/gif showing your issue if possible?

The content will look slightly different in the CMS than it will on the live site, so also bear that in mind.

Nevermind i fiugred it out, you just have to hit ENTER after click on the photo, i was trying to click in the text field. :man_shrugging:

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