Need perspective mockup of webpages

I need a perspective mockup of my webpages. I don’t want to rebuy photoshop and I have the psd file. I have screenshots ready. Can anyone do this for me? Image size I need is 1440 x 1628px. If you’ve got a “buy me a coffee” btn or an equivalent of it, I will gladly slide some cash over for this. Let me know the price and delivery time. You will get the photoshop file out of it too. Thank you.

hi @Laurel_Walker-Natale you don’t need to buy PS as you can create mockups for free online or in Figma (is free). I have doubt that someone will spend a several hours or days for “coffee” like price. Anyway good luck to find some student who may do that. :wink:

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Oh, I will check these out. Thank you!

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