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[Completed] PSD to one page website using webflow

We are looking for someone to take a PSD that we have and create a one page website using webflow.
Here is what I am looking for:
1.Someone that can do a one-page design for us in a 24-hour turn around.
2.We will provide the PSD and our Webflow account and they will build the page in Webflow.

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I am interested in your project. What kind of budget do you have?

You can view my portfolio site at

I am available to have this done in a 24 hour turnaround if need be.


My boss did not give me a budget. What do you charge for something like

This conversation should be in the PM category. Thanks guys! :wink:

Sent you a message. Check your inbox!

Sent you a pm.

Teresa :slight_smile:

This request has been completed. Thank you all so much for your responses.