EXPERT Webflow Designer for EXCITING BIG Project Needed


I have an exciting design project for a large e-commerce website of about 70 pages that needs to be translated from PSDs to Webflow. The project has a timeline of about 1-month to complete. The detailed designs are in PSD format.

You will be working closely with a Ruby on Rails developer who will take the exported output of the Webflow content and put it into a working website. In-person meetings and communication is absolutely necessary as there are limitations to Webflow and the limitations need to be discussed and coordinated with the Rails developer and coder which responsibiliies they have to take on and code themselves. We are located in Southern California, but travel arrangements can be made for us to travel to you or vice-versa. We would pay for travel expenses.

However we are looking for someone who has great experience and design work behind them because of the scale of the project. Please do let me know your contact information below and I will contact you immediately. It is an exciting project and we hope to find the right candidate.

Our budget is $20-$40k depending on experience and level of quality


Hi Im interested in the project,
Here are some of my works

My Email


I am also interested in your project.

Here is my personal portfolio:

And my webflow public profile:
skype: lagoonix

I’m available


Webflow public profile:

Skype: mikebarendregt <-- Built in webflow using cms features

We have a lot of experience with large complex websites and web apps.

We would be happy to help.

Hi, I would love to help you with your project. I have 10 years design and ecommerce experience. I focus on building websites that increase traffic and conversion.

You can view my website and portfolio here:

Teresa :smile:

Why not just take your PSDs straight to HTML and let Rails/ERB handle the View and save an enormous amount of time, energy and provide a cleaner transition?

Has anyone from Webflow vetted this in the first place? Sounds like a scam. Can’t imagine ~any~ company in SoCal paying $40k for some generated HTML to then have to import into a Rails app.