Design Help with Pics

How’s it going guys ? I was wondering, how do people get pictures like these ? I was wondering how to do this. 09%20AM|445x500 18%20AM


Do you just mean how they make these mockups?

It depends on how the design was made.

You could just make various sizes of the design from your working file (XD / Sketch).

OR you could export screenshots from your live website. Google provides a great way to export screen grabs from various sizes (right click, inspect and then the 3 dots will let you export a full screenshot.

You then just need to place these in a mock up of your choice.

There are heaps of options here, just google device mockups and you will add these is photoshop.

Does that answer what you’re after?

Well the screenshots I understand that part, I’m just trying to understand how you can place the screenshot inside of like a MacBook or iPhone, so that you can see it the way it looks there

Photoshop. That’s “basic” use of photoshop and shouldn’t take you a lot of time. It’s basically a combination of masks and layers.

This should give you some ideas

What @Jeandcc said - and if you don’t have photoshop there are online tools like Artboard too.

Okay great. Thanks guys !

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