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Need help with Webflow plans

I want to buy a plan on here, but I cant seem to find this info anywhere.
If I buy a plan for one month, host my website and than cancel the webflow plan. will my website stay up?


Hi @sneakerdims welcome to the community! :smiley:

to answer your questions, once you cancel your hosting plan, your site will also go down.

Even though I have my own domain and host?

to attach your domain name to your Webflow site, you’ll need to add-on a hosting subscription to your site. here is how:

if you would like to host else where, you can export your site:

If I add on a hosting subscription, can I cancel the plan or no? because I’m not trying to pay $35 per month forever.


you can cancel the hosting subscription at anytime. if you’re hosting else where you do not need to add-on a hosting subscription

I think what he meant is if you host the site on a webflow hosting sub, but you cancel the webflow account plan - will the site be deleted on the hosting subscription or not?

-> goal is to have a hosted site that is live but no active membership on the design account

There are two different types of subscriptions here.

  • Webflow account (Personal/Pro)
  • Per-site hosting (Basic/CMS)

You can cancel your Webflow account, but Per-site hosting will be increased depending on hosting type.

If you feel $35 is too expensive for the Pro Webflow account, you can downgrade to the Personal plan instead of cancelling.

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