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Can I remove my account plan, but to have my site hosted @ webflow hosting

Hello. I have a site built and hosated @ webflow. I might not be needing the account plan for a while, but I do need the site to be hosted. So is there a possibility of me paying for hosting only and my site working properly? Or is account plan required anyway?

Yes. Hosting is separate. You can be on a free account.

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Hi @samliew - Is it possible to remove my account plan once I have paid for hosting?

I originally just had a premium account as I was not sure where I would be hosting. Now I am hosting with webflow, which seemingly provides all the benefits that the premium account does, but I am paying twice!

Can I cancel the premium account and only pay for hosting?

I already said yes.

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Ahh… Can you point me how to do that? Will my paid plan be refunded as I have only had it for around 1 month?

Go here and click “Cancel anyway”

Then contact support

Or just contact support first, since they can do both at the same time.

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