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Need help with referral links

Hi! Greetings from Canada, we have two landing pages running on Weblfow and I am delighted with them. My knowledge is pretty basic but i do my best. We are about to partner with a new marketing company and they are requiring the following :

  • Tracking Link to your webform: Please ensure the referral link includes a field to capture Borrowell Member ID, so you can send us record level reporting each month for any conversions with this user ID appended.

    • More information: We ask that the tracking link that you provide to us has a field appended to it that we can dynamically populate for each user who clicks on the link and applies on your website. The field can be called anything you want, as your CRM system would be capturing this field. For example:

Any tips on how to accomplish this?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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