Custom Tracking Link / Custom Attribute

Hi everyone,

A client’s marketing person has requested I add a tracking link at the point of form submission to track that a lead came through a website, and that it registers at the form submission. Here are the instructions I was provided:

  1. Insert the initialisation tag near the top of the page, immediately after the tag of the landing page to ensure that the user can be recognized when originating from REA:
  1. Insert the conversion tag at the point where the lead has been collected, either on the confirmation page or confirmation modal/lightbox:

I have blanked out the 5 digit number above with ***** for privacy reason.

So I have added the top tracking code in the “Before tag” section of my website which I think is correct, but, how can I add the other two to register at form submission? I have tried adding them to Custom Attributes on form Success but the second does not save properly because Custom Attributes do not read quotes " ".

Am I even adding them at the right spot?

Please help, thanks!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Natura Indooroopilly

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Solved this issue by creating another page with the tracking link in that it is redirected to after form submission.