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Need help with interactions on project

I am having trouble seeing that my interactions are working properly, as viewed here…

It would if you actually went into the project and saw how I was putting things together… perhaps you have some advice?

I have a ‘Master Header Wrapper’ symbol that contains multiple divs for different top-of-page elements, and I control their visibility with different on-load interactions I put on the body element, but none of it seems to be working the way the interactions would specify and I’m wondering what I’m doing wrong… any help?


Hi kkeiper,

Are you trying to show specific content on click on the list items?

If so, I’d suggest you use the tabs module instead, to give you an automatic control.

thanks nita! this is a good suggestion however not related to the problem I’m having… :slight_smile: I will use your suggestion later tho…

Hey @kkeiper The way webflow onload interactions work is that they have to be set on the element itself or the parent element which should have an initial appearance.

For instance, the interaction OL goal summary pages which affects the sub-header-wrapper and the progress-bar-wrapper should be set on the respective elements themselves as opposed to the body element.

NB: For onload interactions to work, an element like the sub-header-wrapper needs to have an initial appearance, in this case DISPLAY:NONE and OPACITY:0%

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Thanks Alex ! I’ll try this out…

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