Problem with getting Interaction Right, Advise Needed

I’m currently using Webflow to create a HTML template for our internal ecommerce website project. And I have some trouble regarding the use of interaction.


I’m not too sure how to describe my problem, but kindly try clicking the “20 classes available” button and you’ll see what I mean. I tried using “limit to siblings only” when creating the interaction, but technically speaking the element I’m trying to control is a parent-sibling element. Which is why when you click the “20 classes button”, all others would appear as well. It should only affect the parent that I intend to.

I humbly ask for some good advise how I can work around this issue.

Here is my public share link: LINK

In real life, a parent can be a brother too but I don’t recommend it ;-D

In HTML, it’s one or the other with no exception.

So can you tell me again what we shold see? Nothing weird happens when I click the button actually.

Apologies, I accidentally removed the remaining list. Please view the link again and click on the same button. You’ll see what I mean. All the other class placeholders will get opened up as well.

You can’t limit this interaction to childs or siblings in this case because your target is a sibling of a parent.

It’s OK though. Rework your structure to have your button at the same level than your capaingn-item-fetch element and that will work.

Reworking the structure of the design isn’t an option for me, as I can’t come up with a solution to get that to work the way I wanted it to. I’ll just fallback to using some JS to achieve what I need. Thanks anyway Vincent.

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