Initial state not active on load

For some reason, the initial state is not active on load. Within the preview, it works fine. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out.

below is my working file

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Where is the animation?

the first animation is in the
work short section
columns 4 - columns 3- collection list- work- title

The second animation is in the services section
columns 3 - column 1 - dropdown wrap - dropdown trigger

Do it the opposite way:

Hide (Display: None or Opacitiy: 0%) all in your Designer/Live Site and Show it if onhover or onclick.
So hide for example your yellow overlay and show it on hover :wink:
Same with the Services…

Its little bit harder to edit the elements after this because you always need to show it, edit it and then hide it again but this will fix your problem…

hi, thanks @Matzinger
thanks as this solved the one animation

however, I noticed that none of the interactions is active on page load.
& when I hide content or decrease the opacity it does not activate on the set triggers.

hey, it’s working on the published site thanks @Matzinger

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