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Missing element on my page


Hi, i have a right fixed div on my page that is not appearing, i just need some help to figure out why. It is appearing in the editor but on the live page it is not showing up!


I can only bring you a little bit of the way there.

It’s the interaction assigned to the element. I have never used the “Tabs” trigger, so I don’t know why it isn’t becoming visible, no matter which tab I click on, it stays transparent.

But the reason it doesn’t show at all is that the interaction itself isn’t being triggered, and you have an initial opacity value of 0%.

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Thanks @Cricitem, there wasnt supposed to be a interaction, i must of hit it by accident!

Thanks man

You’re welcome. As I continued to look at it I figured out that there’s no way that interaction would have ever worked there anyway because the element contains no tabs. I should’ve realized you didn’t mean to have the interaction on it at all. derp

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