Need help with flex styling/widths

Trying to go from the tablet version to mobile. My thought was that I needed to switch the Flex from Horizontal to Vertical (which has worked for me before). It is not working this time. :frowning: Instead, the icons are disappearing and the divs are super skinny with I try to realign.



Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @jtk

Your read-only link or even your published link would help a lot …
It looks like you could have set fixed widths to your flex items. Just remove them or set it to 100%.


Agreed! I was rushing out and forgot to link!

Looking at it, width is at auto.

Hi @jtk,

You could even change the width from 33.333 to 100%:

Hope this helps :grinning:

  • Micah

Thanks! Now I remember doing that. I’ll get better.

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Hi @jtk, just a tip, if the solution helped, mark it as solved, it helps others to find the answers they are looking for also :slight_smile:

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Thanks. That would help.

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