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Header Text not appearing correctly when published


My mobile Horizontal view is not displaying correctly when published to the subdomain URL that I am using so my client can view the site.


My Phone in horizontal view.

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

Still have this issue. Password to see pages is mtcw2017. Thanks.

Anyone? Not sure how, or where to address this issue.

Hi @jtk

I took a look at your site, and it looks like there’s a large top-padding set on the text content of the slider which is pushing the content out of visibility on a mobile device.

To fix this issue, I suggest the following:

  • Remove the top-padding of Slider Text Container on desktop view.
  • Add height: 100%;
  • Add display: flex; Make the Flex layout vertical, justify : center, and align: center

Watch this video:

For smaller breakpoints, always test your design on an actual device.

​Hope this is helpful.

Anna, thanks for creating that video and for your answer. I did it that way because Webflow has a video showing to do it that way.

Your way is easier!

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You’re Welcome @jtk

Good luck with your project!

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