Center-align images on mobile preview not accurate

I am attempting to do something that I would imagine is relatively simple, which is center align a div on mobile. I am using a myriad of different ways to achieve this, and while it is correct in the preview and corrrect in theory, it is not reflecting across my mobile device.

This is a screenshot of the settings I have configured in webflow for an example section I’m troubleshooting on:

And this is an example of the mobile preview:

This is the site on my actual mobile device (iPhone 6):

If someone could take a look at my site and let me know what i’m doing wrong, I would be much appreciated. I’ve been tinkering away at this for two days and just want to polish up this page template so I can build out the rest of my portfolio.

Thank you!

Here is my public share link:
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Hi @annakateselby,

LANGUAGE :joy: !!

Let me be your hero. Your class .paragraph.subhead has margin assigned to it. Why?
Thats causing the layout to shift left, because the paragraph needs more space than any other element on your page.
Set it to margin: 0 auto; and you can enjoy your Sunday without having to curse anymore :wink:

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HAH! Hello, Hero! That worked!

Unfortunately, there will always be reasons to curse… Thankfully this will no longer be one of them. Thank you very much for the help! I KNEW it had to be the result of something ridiculously simple.

Also, I will use Inspector in the future to troubleshoot issues on mobile that aren’t being reflected in the preview. I grow so used to and reliant upon that preview that I become irate (obviously, heh) when it doesn’t work exactly correctly.

Thank you thank you thank you! :raised_hands:

Hi @annakateselby,

glad to hear it, you’re welcome :slight_smile:
There is also this little heart symbol below my post where you can show your appreciation by clicking it :blush:

But please be so kind to select my post as solution, so other users know this issue is resolved and can spend their time helping others with their cursing :wink:


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