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Need help with cart abandonment emails

Hey guys,

I need your help with the following. I want to create a custom solution where I want to send out an email template to my customers on my eCommerce site who filled in the email address field, but exited the page without completing the order. I know that there are tools like CartStack and Rejoiner, but they are either too expensive for me or come with limitations.

Can you help me come up with a solution?

Thanks in advance,

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Hey @hilive ! is building an abandoned cart recovery solution, native to webflow which will be much cheaper than the others you mentioned. We’re launching a free beta very shortly with a few customers and a more general release next month.

Do you want to get involved with our Free Beta? We’d love to have you.

I’ll send you a DM now.


Not sure what your budget is, but is free and super easy to integrate with Webflow - from there you can use their visual tagger to create events/triggers for cart abandonment.

I then integrate Segment with (also crazy easy, starting at $19/mo), then create an automation that sends to anyone who’s added something to their cart, but didn’t purchase.

Both require zero coding other than putting the js snippet in the footer of your webflow project.

Best of luck!

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Thanks @jrtancula, but I already started using Monto.