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[TUTORIAL] Add Abandoned Cart Recovery to your Webflow Shop (no code required)

Add Abandoned Cart Recovery to your Webflow Store (no code required)

If you’re working in Ecommerce today shopping cart abandonment is a massive problem you’ll face. Around 75% of all shopping carts online are abandoned in the checkout process (source). :exploding_head:

“Cart Abandonment” is what happens when a customer comes to your site, adds some product to their cart (showing some intent to purchase) and then leaves, never to be heard from again. There is a high likelihood these customers want to purchase from you!

Abandoned Cart Recovery addresses this problem by getting abandoners to come back and finish their checkout. For example, ever shopped on a site, left and shortly after received an email like “Hey! I think you forgot something!”? That’s it.

Abandoned Cart Recovery and it’s one of the most effective things you can do with your ecommerce shop (these emails convert over 10% of the time!).

Enter Monto

We’re Monto and we make an Abandoned Cart Recovery app specifically for Webflow (we have other apps too!). This app is free for your first three recoveries. Reach out to us any time at

Getting set up

Want a video version? See here

Step 1: Sign up for Monto Abandoned Cart and install the code snippet to get started

Sign up at and follow the steps to make an account. You’ll be prompted to authenticate with Webflow, connect your store and accept necessary permissions.

During setup we’ll give you a script. Per directions, paste it in your Webflow page’s header (Webflow > Project Settings > Custom Code > Head Code) and don’t forget to deploy to your production URL after this!

Already have a Monto account? Sign in and click “Abandoned Cart Recovery” in the navigation bar to get started with your trial.

Step 2: Take a look at Monto’s configurable settings to make the feature operate the way you want

First thing’s first, let’s customize your Stages. This is the email sequence that goes to your cart abandoners. You can have between 1-3 emails sent to these customers. A couple things:

  1. Our data supports sending 3 emails as the most effective
  2. In terms of delay, we recommend 30 min, 90 min and 1440 min (24 hrs) as your delay frequencies, but of course do what feels right and experiment!
  3. If you can drop a discount in the subject line of your final email it’s very effective!,

Finally, change copy, colors and design to make these emails look and feel like your brand :sunglasses:

Send yourself a preview of each email to see how it will appear to a user!

Step 3: Track results and adjust!


Now that you’re running your Abandoned Cart Recovery sequence be sure to track your success! Here are some ideas:

  • Which of your stages is converting the lowest? It’s possible people are snoozing on this email and consider reducing the delay. Click on ACR > Stages to see this data.
  • Have you offered a discount in your final stage? If not, try this for a month as a test and see how it changes your numbers.
  • Are your subject lines attention-grabbing? “Hey! Did you mean to leave this here?” will convert higher than “Come back now!” for example.

You can also use your carts page to track real-time carts being created in your store. This is fun, especially around the holidays when your shop is popping off!

Reach out if we can help you get set up!

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