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Integrating Emailing Solution to Webflow Ecommerce

Hi guys ! :slight_smile:

I’ve a few questions about integrating a profesionnal emailing marketing solution with my webflow ecommerce website for a client (as Mailchimp or Sendinblue).

In fact, i would like to build a serie of emails sent to the website’s customers making different types of actions on it.

As for example :

  1. (important) Send an email to the client when the cart is abandonned
  2. When he buy something

Thank you by advance for your answer if any of you have recomendations ! :slight_smile:

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@Matthisgarnr i’m not sure if ‘abandoned cart’ emails are an option with webflow ecommerce yet. To clarify, you do mean you are using or considering using the built-in ecommerce functionality, right?
When a customer buys an item, an email will be sent by webflow, this can be customized to an extent.
If you’re talking about sending newsletter style emails (automated, what’s called a ‘funnel’), you would need to use zapier or integromat to connect the ecom to mailchimp/sendinblue…

Hey @Matthisgarnr / @sarahfrison :slight_smile: is close to launching an Abandoned Cart Recovery product, native to Webflow, in the next month. We’re looking for users to be in our Free Beta in the next week. Are you interested in being a part of our Beta?

Would love to have you! I’m going to shoot you a quick DM.

Interested. will test om


Ok, awesome! What is your email?

I’ll reach out to you once we’re ready to include you in the free beta.

Hi Monto,
Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:
I’m also interested, you can send me the details to this email :

@Matthisgarnr – you got it! Will shoot you an email now.