Need help with basics layout principles


I am struggling with card layout which has some basic elements like divs / text / icons and image, which I would like to animate.
The basic idea can be seen here:

Webflow: Webflow - Plaxter2)

As you can see the card is created left column with text and the ride side contains two images (blue circle and overlaying png). I tried to use grid as a parent element of the the card but the image overflows the card boundaries and I can’t figure out why is it happening. I also tried approach with two divs as columns with flexbox applied but the result is the same (red card).

Is there anything I am overlooking?

Any help will be much appreciated!

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Hi cave town, buddy pls be easy with yourself
Get use to troubleshooting as part of the process :slight_smile:

You are not stupid
Check if this video helps: Screen Recording - 25 February 2023 - VEED (uploading)

Dear Pravin.

You have just made my day as I was really struggling with this issue and I am really glad there is more simpler way and you showed me how to fix it. I will try to finish the site now and will send the result. Thank you!

Best Regards

I am glad, Let me know if you need more help
It will make me feel good : )