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Change Contact section in "Contemplate" template


I bought the Contemplate Template last month, and I NEED HELP! @Dario

I’m not able to change the Contact section ( I add an image )

Someone might say to me how I can change the contempalte information for my own information?

Thank you a lot!


As always… Do you have a public shared link to your webflow project (not the published one?).

Ah nevermind, got it on my own.

1. Double click the "symbol" called "contact".
2. Change display from none to block
3. Enter your information
4. Change display to none again.


Hello Daniel!

But the problem appear when i do just that you tell me, this contact section dissapear! :S

Thank for all


This is how you create a public link:
It cant disappear since its set to display:block. But we ll see after you linked your public share link right into this thread.


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Thank you very much! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: