Need Help Understanding Landscape Mode in Webflow Designer

Can someone please help me by explaining how Landscape mode in the Webflow designer, depicts the landscape mode of mobile devices (it indicates). I’ve seen many items on this topic but no answer that I understand.

In landscape mode, Webflow shows the pixel size of the height, not of the width of devices. i.e, the width of a Galaxy Note 5 is 480… The height is 853… The Designer indicates 480 in landscape mode. Surely the Designer should depict 853…?

If I put a vh of 100 for an element in landscape mode, it takes up the length of the screen height. How then can we use vh for landscape mode?

Maybe the answer’s simple but I’m just not getting it…

Thanks so much in advance.

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Actually, no. There is no notion of viewport height in Webflow’s management of responsivity. The breakpoints are only defined by viewport width. And that’s the case in most of the responsive world.

The situation for landscape mobile design is difficult. Not because of that ut because of the variety of screen sizes now and their huge density of pixels. 6 years ago, the tablet and landscape view meant something, but today, an iPad is registering the desktop view, and it’s harder to know where and when the pre-set views are used. They’re just different views for different viewport sizes, and they sometimes hardly refer to one particular use case or range of devices.

So, do what’s best, work with real devices for testing, and try to craft adaptative designs, as much as you can.

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Thanks for the reply, Vincent.

I know that breakpoints are defined by VW. I get that. I used the VH example for Landscape mode in Webflow, because the Designer shows an image of a mobile device in landscape mode.

To be clear, my thought was, if the Designer is showing a mobile device in Landscape mode, then the VH should be applied as the VW in the designer (and vice versa), based on the devices that are indicated. Otherwise why have a landscape setting? As I understand it now, “landscape” mode is not landscape mode as such, bu “phablet” mode. And if I use that word again, you have my permission to shoot me.