Can someone explain landscape mode on the webflow platform?

I just published my first webflow site and theres an issue when tilting phones for landscape mode, I really dont understand why landscape mode is shown on the designer as a vertical window (as in the designer preview the breakpoint looks fine), as soon as I go to landscape mode on a device it all looks terrible, Is there an external site where I can preview this so I can adjust it? links to my site below. Appreciate the help.

You can inspect a page with browser devtools and invoke the responsive mode, selecting different devices to see how the page renders. It is not equivalent to testing with real devices. My desk has 8 I can see on it. Browserstack is a nice solution, cheaper then buying devices you don’t have and what you see is rendered on a device of your choosing. Integrated devtools is a plus.

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Thank you! ill try Browserstack out.