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Multi-reference displaying inside dynamic list (possible?)

This seems to be an unresolved community issue for almost 2 years now. Is this something that CAN’T be resolved and if so, has anyone found a usable work around?

I have a multi-reference list created inside of a collection template. I want to use the dynamic list to draw up the multi-reference list INSIDE the dynamic list as this would make it truly dynamic, listing all the references per specific entry.

For example:
I have Recent Projects created as a collection template.
I have Tags created as a collection template.
I go back to Recent Projects and add a multi-reference list, choosing all the relative tags per entry.
I add a dynamic list to the homepage and point it towards the Recent Projects which includes references from the Tags collection template. (THIS IS NOT A TEMPLATE PAGE SO CHOOSING THE TAGS COLLECTION FOR THE DYNAMIC LIST WILL NOT WORK)
I expect it to reference the multiple tags I listed per entry.

This of course is fantasy, as the dynamic list is devoid of the option to display the multi-referenced information.

Please let me know if we have a solution…

Thanks in advance!